Active Communities Network

Tackle Poverty. Create Opportunities. Inspire Change.

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Active Communities Network is a sport for development charity which uses sport as a pathway into education, training and employment 

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Our Programmes

We currently have 4 offices spread across the UK which help to develop work around the South, South East and North of England as well as Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. In addition our office in Cape Town is a great hub for our work across South Africa




London headquarters was established in February 2007. Since moving between multiple locations across south east London we have recently found a new home at the South Bank University. 




Our Belfast office was established in 2009, since then the projects have continued to grow and Belfast now boasts a city wide presence delivering sport for development projects that spread across Belfast. 




We established ourselves in Salford in 2009 moving across to East Manchester in 2013. Manchester is now the 'hub' for the north of England.  




The Hampshire office was established in April 2016 and having had success in the work we soon established a second office in Portsmouth during the summer 2017.

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Republic of Ireland

The office in Ballina Co.Mayo is the newest to the team having opened it's doors in 2017. It is a fantastic hub for our work across Ireland. 

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South Africa

Active Communities Network South Africa was established in 2011 as a locally registered partner organisation to Active Communities Network UK. 


Today’s students.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

As part of our commitment to developing both young people and the skills of our workforce we have developed a training curriculum which is embedded in both UK and International offer. This is available for the sector to access. We also offer a wider support function for organisations in respect to strategic development, capacity building and project scoping and development.



Dedicated to change.

One of our sector’s greatest challenges is to evidence impact in a collective role we have to influence commissioners and the wider political landscape. Within our projects and the 5 Star Active partnership we invest in independent research and impact analysis. We utilise findings from credible research agencies to improve our services and provide a platform to communicate successes.