This is Charlise. Charlise is 12 years of age and lives in Hampshire with her parents. She has a younger sister and newly born twin brother and sister which she enjoys taking care of in her spare time.
Charlise started the programme 8 months ago, joining with a friend as a way to stay fit, to make new friends and to push her out of her comfort zone. It’s taken her by surprise but her favourite session is boxing and she has already completed her preliminary boxing certificate and is interested in gaining more experience and qualifications this summer. Having enjoyed the programme so much herself she is now a great ambassador for the area and works hard to make sure other young people are staying and making the most of the opportunities on offer.  


Leigh Park in Hampshire has been our Hampshire home since we started operating in the area in 2014. Here we deliver the Big World Impact Programme for young people aged primarily 9 to 19. The team is based at Leigh Park Community Centre and last year we extended our reach to Hayling Island, and we predict further growth over the coming years.

ACN provides weekly sports, arts and cultural activities, accredited training, personal and social development, regular youth forums, and awareness-raising workshops which tackle relevant community issues with a focus on supporting the Safer Communities agenda.

We’ve developed an exceptionally close partnership with Hampshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner and Hampshire Police. Other strong partnerships include Hampshire Borough Council, Hampshire County Council’s Children Services team and the Tennis Foundation.

Our work with local sports clubs and arts-based organisations has resulted in widespread recognition and positive press coverage.

Currently ACN is working with 15 local schools and colleges to provide ongoing placements, and we’re closely involved with several faculties at the University of Portsmouth.


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Leigh Park

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This is Dwot. Dwot is 16 and grew up in Sudan, North East Africa but has recently moved to Havant in Hampshire with his two older sisters and one younger brother. Being new to the country Dwot was surprised by the culture differences and struggled with the language barrier which led to a knock in confidence and a loss of identity. However, he soon realised that there was one similarity which didn’t require language.... FOOTBALL! Dwot saw one of our flyers and came down to the session with his younger brother, in the last 3 months he has become a regular attendee who enjoys interacting with different groups of people. He hasn’t been on the programme long but he is already using the sessions as a platform to build key relationships which is helping him to adapt to the culture shock as well as shaping his future and having fun. In the next few months Dwot will look to attend some of our training qualifications to boost his CV as well gaining work experience once his confidence increases.