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This is Tiana. Tiana is 14 and lives in Brixton, South East London with her parents and two older brothers. She has always enjoyed playing football so started attending our sessions two years ago with the intention of improving her skills. Two years later she now has a new friendship group and a career goal in mind. The sessions helped to increase her confidence, kept her active and moved her out of her comfort zone and trying new sports. Tiana now knows that sport will be a huge part of her future whether that’s a teacher, coach or professional footballer!



Our story began in 2007. We started life as London Active Communities, and our aim was simple: to use sport as an alternative way of engaging and inspiring young people into positive activities.

From the very beginning we have worked in Southwark and Lambeth; but now, thanks to our rapid growth, we reach young people in all 32 boroughs. Our grassroots sports and arts sessions are particularly focused on Lewisham, Lambeth, Southwark, Brent and Tower Hamlets.

Partnership is critical to what we do. We’re proud to work with trusted local delivery organisations who have an excellent knowledge base in the areas we operate. Their local knowledge enables us to deliver training and development which is specifically targeted to meet local needs.


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Brent Summer Showcase

Brent Summer Showcase

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South and Lambeth Showcase

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This is John, John is 32 years of age and works for Active Communities Network. John grew up in Croydon but in his teenage life he grew up and went to school in South Norwood and spent most of his time around South Norwood and Crystal Palace. John left school at the age of 14 with no GCSE’s and no guidance on what to do next. John joined our programme as he had always enjoyed playing and watching football. He soon started to volunteer which led to gaining qualifications. Through using his initiative and hard work John has worked his way up the ladder and is now a project coordinator of Active Communities Networks. He is also completing a BSc (Hons) in Professional Practice: Sport for Development (SFD) at Gloucester University


"Volunteering helped me to where I am today"

"Football saved my life"