Our methodology

Our methodology is at the heart of our work. All of the projects have been developed to deliver our methodology which has been trialed and tested internationally since 2007. 

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Nikki, 8

This is Nikki, she is 8 years old. She lives with her mother and younger brother in the estate. Nikki’s father, Stevie is partly engaged in her life. Nikki’s Grandmother provides lots of childcare support as her mother works full time. Nikki also supports caring for her brother. Nikki is quite reserved and shy. She struggles to build relationships with her peers which makes her feel sad. Nikki is not badly behaved, but is struggling with her school work. Her mother provides for the family, but her busy lifestyle means she rarely cooks meals, meaning Nikki has a poor diet.

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Jerome, 16

This is Jerome, he is 16 and lives with his parents and two siblings on the estate. Jerome and his friends are often out and about as they feel they have ‘nothing else to do’. Jerome has just finished his exams and didn’t achieve what was hoped for him. He is not going to pursue college and doesn’t know what he is going to do next. Jerome and his friends know the local gang leaders and they have been involved in some minor activities and are being pressured to run drugs and weapons for them. Jerome is fearful for the consequences if he is to say no. 

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Stevie, 26

This is Stevie, he is 26 years old and lives in the largest block. Stevie is currently unemployed and has dropped in and out of casual low skilled jobs for a number of years. Stevie lives with his mother and younger sisters and has two children who live with his ex-partner. Stevie does sees his children but his interaction is dependent on his fractious relationship their mother. Stevie socialises with his friends most evenings, often smoking and drinking until the early hours. He has low confidence and wants to have a better relationship with his children. 

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Sue 63

 This is Sue, she lives in a notorious tower block and has lived there since it was built. She is 63 years old, widowed and has no other family living locally. She speaks with her daughter on the phone once a week and doesn’t often interact with anyone else. Sue is isolated and feels intimated when going out of her flat. Sue feels that the community has changed and doesn’t feel comfortable socialising with other residents or taking part in the local services. Twice a week she struggles on the bus to get essential shopping. This has become an ordeal for her.