How we Started

In 2006, a number of small groups and project workers came together to form a strategy as to how to grow and sustain their projects, which were primarily funded by the Active Communities Development fund. This coming together of like-minded agencies shared and sought new ways of working to improve outcomes for young people at a time when they were stigmatised and labelled as troublesome. In response to this a new charity, London Active Communities was formed, with a remit to deliver services in South London, acting as a lead agency for the sports, youth and community development sector. London Active Communities had four core remits in the first instance: To deliver high quality grass roots sports and youth work projects,  to provide a workforce development and training function to improve the skills of the sector and to improve the evidence base of our sector and recognition of sport as a strong method to impact on communities. By 2009, the charity was re-branded to Active Communities Network due to new projects in South Africa and Northern Ireland being established.  Since then the charity has grown in stature, delivering projects across all regions of the UK, in South Africa and supporting local partners across five continents.

Fionnuala Conlon

Fionnuala Conlon, 23, Belfast 

Bobbi Clarke

Bobbi Clarke, 22, Havant

Michael kuku

Michael Kuku, 18, South London

Andrew Mongi

Andrew Mongi, 30, South London


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