Tower hamlets


Our Tower Hamlets programme has been developed in partnership with the Celtic Foundation across the previous 2 years. Since starting in 2015 the programme has been created using the methodology designed by the Urban Stars programmes following success in South and Lambeth. With the help of Big Lottery Fund, Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, Asda Foundation, St Jame's Place the projects have seen over 12,083 young people take part in a variety of different sports, cultural activities, youth clubs and training qualifications. This has amounted to a total 20,776 engagement hours across the 2 years. 

In more recent years Active Communities Network have developed both accredited and non-accredited training courses which are a fantastic opportunity for young people to develop new skills and help build their own personal portfolio. Each young person that participates in our sessions will be offered the opportunity to further their learning and gain a qualification. In Lambeth we have had a total of 92 young people attain one of the following qualifications;

  • OCN Equalities and Diversity Level 1
  • OCN Employability Level 1
  • OCN Youth work Level 2
  • Sports Leaders UK Level 1 in Sports Volunteering

As part of the development process Tower Hamlets also provides volunteer opportunities for young people trying to achieve a career in coaching or youth work. In the 2 years the programme has had almost 100 volunteers which provide support with outreach, delivering sessions and helping our mentoring and evaluation by conducting surveys. Many of these young people eventually turn into paid sessional staff which help to further develop the borough,

In addition, those young people that have expressed a keen interest in other careers outside of sport and youth work can take part in our one of our work experience courses which are offered by different partners across London. One example of this is St James's Place who have created an accredited business course directed at young people who want to have a successful career in business. This coming 2017 we are looking to have young people from Tower Hamlets take part in this business qualification which will see them gain a variety of different skills.