What We Do

There are four pillars to our work which enable us to deliver our mission and vision: 


Grassroots Project Delivery 

Training centre and services

We have developed and deliver an embedded methodology of working across our projects. Our approach centres on targeting communities based on a range of complex needs. We do this in London, Manchester, Belfast and Hampshire. Within these projects we support high risk young people through a vibrant and youth led year round programme represented by the graphic below:

Methodology Circle final.png

As part of our commitment to developing both young people and the skills of our workforce we have developed a training curriculum which is embedded in both UK and International offer. This is available for the sector to access. We also offer a wider support function for organisations in respect to strategic development, capacity building and project scoping and development. 


Research and Evidence of Impact

One of our sector’s greatest challenges is to evidence impact in a collective role we have to influence commissioners and the wider political landscape. Within our projects and the 5 Star Active partnership we invest in independent research and impact analysis. We utilise findings from credible research agencies to improve our services and provide a platform to communicate successes.



5 Star Active Partnership


Our network of partners have come together to form a UK wide and International collision. 5 Star Active is led by Active Communities Network and supports local organisations who have a likeminded approach to delivering to young people. The partnership is supported by iconic athletes and focuses efforts on developing and managing new national and international initiatives for investors who require a wide geographic reach. See www.5staractive.com for more information.