Careers and Employability workshops


Careers and Employability workshops

The aim of the careers and employability workshop is for pupils to gain knowledge and understanding of corporate organisations, the various job roles and the different pathways to get into the sector.

Previously we have worked with organisations such as St James’s Place, Mercedes-Benz, CBRE, BHA and more, to provide the young people with a range of careers and different opportunities. These workshops have been extremely successful for both the young people and employees, with many participants being accepted onto work placements or being offered roles on the back of the workshop. Previous findings found success in achieving the following aims:

  • Increasing pupils understanding and ability to create their own CV

  • Increasing pupils knowledge and understanding of how to prepare themselves for and interview

  • Improving pupils presentation skills

  • Increasing pupils awareness of personal finance


Quotes from previous employees

Felt very privileged to be working alongside such a superb bunch of young people. They were all absolutely stand out and should be massively proud of the ability, confidence and determination they each demonstrated throughout this afternoon’s activities. Please do let me know if we can support this brilliant work further.”

My first-time volunteering and really enjoyed my time with the group. I hope they felt they benefited from it as much as I did being there.”

My wife Kate & I really enjoyed helping the young people with their CVs and interview preparation, very positive experience all round and a pleasure to be a part of. I believe everyone should have the experience”


How the workshops run

We like to make the sessions as bespoke as possible and although we are available to provide guidance, we want the corporate employees to feel comfortable with what they are delivering. There are many different ways to deliver these workshops, and we are open to discuss what is most suitable for you.


Examples of topics we have used:

  • CV Support and Writing

  • Interview Skills and Techniques

  • Presentation Skills

  • Job/role specific skills (e.g. Finance, Law, Administration)